Setting up HP Deskjet F4580 wirelessly on a Mac after installing a new router

I thought I’d post this guide after spending a whole afternoon trying to overcome a similar problem – ‘How do I get my HP Deskjet F4580 printer working wirelessly again on a Mac after I’ve changed over to a new router?’ Or as some people have been searching: ‘My wifi HP F4580 won’t connect to my mac’.

The problem I had, and I expect many others still have, was that I upgraded my router which meant the printer no longer recognised it. All I was getting was that infuriating blue blinking light telling me it couldn’t find the old router’s network name and password. So how do you change the printer’s wireless network and password to your new router’s settings?

In this explanation I’m assuming that you’re using either Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan or Sierra (thanks to all the people who have commented that it works on these OS) and don’t have any installation CDs for your printer (which you don’t need now as Apple Software Update would have installed your driver).

If you access Printers & Scanners in your system preferences and go to the Deskjet utility there’s no option available to change these settings. After looking around I finally found this explanation on the HP forum but it was well hidden. I’ll share it with you now:

  • Reset the network settings of your printer by pressing and holding the Cancel button, then after 3 seconds press the wireless button.
  • From your Mac click the WiFi icon and then click Join Other Network (some people have found on clicking the WiFi icon they are presented with the option of HPSETUP straight away. If so connect to that now. If not, follow the next instruction).
  • Click Show Networks, select the printer SSID, it will be listed as HPSETUP or will include HP or F4500 within its name, then click Join.
  • Allow 2-3 minutes to establish the connection. The blue light will stop blinking when it’s done. Mine did it within 30 seconds.
  • Open Safari and click the Bookmarks icon.
  • Click Bonjour and then click the printer name, the EWS page will appear. This is the admin page for your printer where you can change its settings. Make a note of the IP address in the URL bar if you want so you can access this page again at any time instead of using the Bonjour bookmark.
  • Note: if there is no Bonjour option under the bookmarks, click Safari > Preferences > Bookmark and check the show Bonjour option.
  • Back on the EWS admin page, click on the ‘Networking’ tab.
  • Under Wireless (802.11) click ‘Start Wizard’ and follow the steps listed on the screen to configure the wireless connection. It will give you a drop down menu of the available wireless networks so select yours and then follow the instructions for inputting your new network name and password.
  • Note: If you’re required to provide the Security type for your wireless network, you may click the WiFi icon, click Network Preferences and select the Wi-Fi network. Click Advanced and you will find the security type of your network within the Wi-Fi tab.
  • Once you’re done inputting all the information you click ‘finish’ however the page may stall while trying to reload. It will give you a message on the page about this problem. Don’t worry, your settings have changed and you can carry on as normal.
  • Once the Wireless Setup Wizard (via the EWS) completes, click the Wi-Fi icon of your Mac and reconnect back to your router again, now both of the devices should be connected to your router.

Once you’ve done this process, the printer will recognise your new router again. But your Mac won’t.

Go to System Preferences > Printers & Scanners and remove the printer in the list on the left by highlighting it and clicking on the minus symbol below. This removes the old printer from the Mac. Now go ahead and click on + to add the printer back. Your Mac will scan for available printers and find your ‘new’ printer with all its updated router settings. Once you’ve added this, you’re good to go.

Hope this helps someone.

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  1. mohammad

    you were more helpful than HP customer service. thank you very much, i have been trying to fix this issue since very long time.

    • dja360

      No worries, glad it worked out for you.

  2. stu

    This was wonderful help. Like everyone else I was screaming at the hp web site for not explaining how to do this. I travel with the printer and often have to do this with different routers. This was a god send.

  3. adriaan

    Eureka! What a joy, I was almost ready to purchase a new printer when I came across your post which made an end to my misery. Thank you!

  4. Clare

    After 4 long, frustrating hours I found your post… then it was easy! Thank you. My blue light no longer flashes…

    • dja360

      That’s good to hear, Clare. Glad it worked for you!

  5. Rachel

    Thanks so much for this. It was really helpful! Really appreciate it ?

  6. Nikki Devine

    Thank you so so much!! HP support website was useless, you saved me!

  7. Sachi

    I didn’t get the first part right so it took me a while (I didn’t push the Cancel and wireless button together and release it together) but it worked. EWS page didn’t load like some others experienced but I could re-add the printer and it is working now. After two years of using my printer with a USB cable I was giving it a last go before replacing it and found your page. Finally working again. Thank you so much.

    • dja360

      Thanks Sachi, that’s interesting you didn’t get the EWS. I’ve not had to go through the procedure for some time but will give it another go soon when I get a new router. Let’s see if I can follow my own instructions!

  8. Luke

    Thanks so much, I’ve been trying to do this for hours and stumbled across your very helpful post.

    Why HP can’t just write this in their instructions I’ll never know….


    • dja360

      Cheers Luke, glad you got it working.

  9. Jeff

    Cannot thank you enough for this post!!! New Router and was struggling to setup wireless for my printer. This had me sorted in 10 minutes.

    You are a legend! Thank you.

    • dja360

      Thanks Jeff, pleased it worked out for you!

  10. Joy

    Thank you so much for this, after 2 evenings of going round in circles with HP Support Assistant and various other websites this worked for me!
    I have managed to set up a HP F4580 All in One printer to BT Infinity with a Macbook Air on OX Yosemite 10.10.
    Instructions are easy to follow, the only problem I had was first time around it only installed it as a scanner, I did the whole process again and it’s now found it as a multifunction so I’m good to go.
    Thanks again!

    • dja360

      That’s good to hear, Joy. Strange how it initially just installed the scanner but at least it worked out in the end!

  11. Kokor

    I got this to work for an HP Photosmart C4580. Mac OS 10.11.5
    Well, it got me most of the way there. I needed to delete ALL files with any HP printer resources from my HD. Reset printer to factory default. Connect to printer through bonjour. I do not have setup wizard under 802.11 tab. However in the Network Settings you just need to enter your SSID (router name) then the authentication type & password. Apply that & it auto connects to router. Print a document (which there should be no HP printer at all) then add printer & HP will download all the missing files it needs.

    You seriously are a rockstar for this. I have been looking for about 14 hours now and pretty much every resource falls back to blaming the OS not having the right firmware…

    This WORKS!!!!!

    • dja360

      Cool, glad it worked out for you!

  12. Williamfew

    God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

  13. Peter

    Thank you !
    How did HP make it so hard!

  14. Maxi

    Thanks and thanks and thanks from Italy! 🙂

  15. Trina

    Thank you so much for this!!!

    I gave up on my printer about 4 years ago when I couldn’t find anything on how to change the settings. It’s been sat on a shelf ever since. I thought about getting rid of it but decided to give it one last go. So glad I found this website – you’ve saved my printer from landfill! My husband spent a whole afternoon on the HP website and got nowhere. It’s so frustrating when companies make it so difficult for you to complete a simple task. They must realise that people change routers at some point right?

    • Dan

      Thanks Trina and so glad your HP Deskjet lives to print another day! Although mine is still happily communicating wirelessly, I just don’t use it anymore for printing. Scanning yes, but making paper copies of stuff, I try to avoid that now. Tickets and online orders, just flash a pdf or email on a smartphone and that seems acceptable these days. I wonder when the paperless office will become a full reality though.

  16. I recently moved to fibre optic and found your page trawling the net and i managed to connect my printer. I then bought a new router and trawled the net again and found you!! I now have you booked marked, just in case. Thank you so much for this blog you saved the day!!

  17. Ludmila

    Thank you for your instructions. It saved me weeks of investigating on HP support page and wiki forums

  18. Justin

    Thanks for this. I, like many others, have searched for days off and on how to get this stupid thing to work after changing the router. HP and Apple forums are convoluted with not-so-great help and when I found this blog, I was saying in my head “This has got to be too good to be true. This is EXACTLY what I’m looking for.” I tried it and after a few times reading the instructions and re-doing it, it works. One tip that helped me that wasn’t explicitly said in the notes, was that when searching for the network, I just hit the wifi icon on the top and if you look below all the other main networks, that is where my “hpsetup” was, not other “join other network”. Just a tip that may help someone else. Thanks again!!!

    • Dan

      Thanks for the comment – I’ll add your tip to the instructions.

  19. David

    You are brilliant. The only person in the world, it seems, who knows how to do this. Thank you so much.

    • Dan

      Thanks David, although I’m really only regurgitating the info I found on the HP forums (it’s just hard to find it!). Glad it helped you!

  20. Ashley

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! 2 days of frustration and you solved it in 10 minutes. HP should pay you….

  21. Mark

    Fantastic! Works with El Capitan. Was pulling my hair out with the useless info on the HP site.

    • Dan

      Great! I’ll add El Capitan to the article.

  22. Micheal Aderinto

    Thank you so much for this info.
    It was very helpful and it was very well laid out.

    I just installed a new Airport Extreme and my wireless HP F4580 printer was no where to be found on the network.

    I followed your well laid out procedure and now I can smile again.

    • Dan

      You’re welcome! Glad it worked out for you.

  23. Simons Curtis

    Thanks for this Dan it’s been really helpful. When I get to the stage below, I get a blank white page and url shows hp8b9988.local. Do you know why it won’t load

    Click Bonjour and then click the printer name, the EWS page will appear. This is the admin page for your printer where you can change its settings. Make a note of the IP address in the URL bar if you want so you can access this page again at any time instead of using the Bonjour bookmark.
    Note: if there is no Bonjour option under the bookmarks, click Safari > Preferences > Bookmark and check the show Bonjour option.

    • Dan

      Hi, I’ve not encountered that problem so I’m at a loss as to why. I’d suggest the usual things like turning your router off and then back on to reset it and then going through the process again. Perhaps someone else reading this will have a solution?

  24. Dan

    Sweet! Thank you so much for such a great post. This should be the first link when anyone types in “My wifi HP F4580 won’t connect to my mac” in the search bar. Too bad it was on the 2nd page. I wasted a lot of time on “official” help and support pages (like HP and Apple) before I read your post. This deserves top spot! Thanks again.

    • Dan

      Thanks, I’ll see if I can alter the keywords a little for that search term. Glad it worked out for you though.

  25. Will

    You have saved me!!
    I’ve installed the printer using your instructions but i have a problem…i’m not able to use the scanner of the printer…how can i solve this??

    • Dan

      Glad your printer is back online, Will!

      I’ve not encountered a problem with using the scanner so can’t offer any solution as to why it’s not working. I can only suggest in your Printers & Scanners area of Preferences that you try removing the Deskjet Printer from the list on the left and adding it in again to see if that resolves your problem.

    • Dan

      Hi Will. The scanner only works with a USB-connected computer running the scanner application.

  26. Nick

    After multiple unsuccessful attempts using advice from HP Forums and web sites to connect my HP DeskJet F4580 printer to my Macbook I was ready to give up and buy a new printer. Then I found your web page. It took me two attempts because I probably didn’t follow the instructions exactly the first time, but on the second attempt Eureka! the printer connected.

    BTW, I have a Mac with OS X Yosemite so your directions work with that as well.

    Much thanks for providing these very useful instructions!

    • Dan

      Great! Thanks Nick. I’ll update the post to include Yosemite.

  27. James

    Add me to the seemingly endless list of people who have spent hours of frustration trying to solve this problem – but your blog post just solved the issue in a matter of minutes! Many thanks Dan!

    • Dan

      Thanks James, glad it worked out for you.

  28. BEN


  29. Many thanks – all good especially tips if plan a doesn’t work!!

    You can also print outWireless Network Test Report and an HP Configuration Page by pressing scan button for 3 seconds.

    • Dan

      Great, and thanks for the tip about printing out those reports.

  30. Michel

    Two days I’ve spent on searching for a solution to reset my HP f4580 deskjet printer. Without any luck until I’ve found your excellent instructions, it did work out just fine, even with Mac OSX 10.10 Yosemite!
    Many, many, many thanks for your effort, Dan!

    Kind regards,

    • Dan

      Great, pleased to hear it worked out for you.

  31. R Cunha

    Just follow the instructions.
    Today I get the third router since I have that printer and I don’t want even remember the other two times…
    Today, In 5 minutes, I got the right set up.
    Thank you very much Dan. You save my day.

  32. Dan

    Hi Claire,

    I’ve not encountered the same problem you’re having so it’s difficult to say what to do. Did you try going to the next step and clicked on the WiFi icon of your Mac?

  33. Claire

    Everything you suggested worked for me right up until the completion of Wireless Setup Wizard via the EWS. Like you mentioned, the page stalled however mine did not come up with a problem page. Any suggestions on what I can do? I’m so close to having my printer connected that any help would be appreciated!

  34. Claire

    Everything you suggested works right up until the last part when I click “finish” after adding all the Network information. As you said, the page stalled but nothing happens (I don’t even get a problem page). So, the Wireless Setup Wizard via the EWS won’t complete. Any suggestions on what I can do? I’m so close to having it connected so any help would be appreciated!

  35. Paulus110

    Unbelievable – I spent ALL AFTERNOON getting nowhere and your post did exactly what I suspected was possible all along! You are a life-saver. THANK YOU.

  36. MARIO

    Thank You very much,big help,…no ,realy i wished HP troubleshooting and FAQs was half as helpful as your blog.

  37. Michael

    huge help thank you

  38. Joe

    Hello, I tried that solution but I could not get it. EWS page does not load, so I cannot set WiFi settings to the printer. 🙁

    • Dan

      Sorry it didn’t work out for you, Joe. I can only suggest you work through the process again.

  39. Jos

    Thx a lot! Your Blog saved my day 😀
    It worked exactly as you described it.
    This is an extremely useful instruction.
    I checked quite a few sites, tutorials and manuals, but ended none the wiser.
    I can imagine that you wrote it, because all other stuff is misleading, too complex or just outdated.
    Thanks again.

    • Dan

      You’re welcome, Jos. Glad it worked out for you too.

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